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Suspicion of adultery constitutes a significant psychological burden, which can quickly be downloaded using a private detective - whether the suspicion is confirmed or denied. Discreet investigation does is a prerequisite to avoid the occurrence of conflict situations face to face.

Open a private investigator / detective agency facts and circumstances can be used in a possible divorce process. The laws of the Republic of Bulgaria placed in a disadvantage for the dislocations caused the spouse of a marriage - in terms of custody, property, court and attorneys' fees and expenses, inheritance, etc. Furthermore, it provided an opportunity to be dismissed for divorce on the guilty spouse, provided faulty husband wants to preserve marriage, and no other obstacles.

We can offer you:

Monitoring, detecting and documenting the affair. Ability to use information gathered in any divorce process.
Monitoring and disclosure of facts in connection with the suspicious behavior of children or other family members (alcohol, drugs, gambling);
Investigation of persons in connection with the impending construction of intermarry or other connection;
Finding unknown relatives in and siblings, recovery of lost contact with relatives and friends;
• Assistance with problems relating to inheritance;
Documentation for submission to the court cases relating to the Law on Protection against Domestic Violence;
Tracing individuals
• Reclaiming fugitive, missing without a permanent address.
Search for biographical information, addresses, dates of birth, car, workplace, court file


Collection of information on civil status, attitudes and actions of individuals.
Clarification of biographical and other data characterizing certain natural or legal persons.
Collection of data for proofing facts which are or may be cause for conflict between individual persons or entities, or may be used to end these conflicts.
Collection of information on civil and criminal cases.

Protection of property
We offer professional consulting services, human resources and equipment to ensure the safety of staff, property and business interests of clients.

Corporate investigations:

Detection of persons and circumstances, connected with industrial espionage or company secrets protection.
Research of the market and gathering data for business negotiations about insolvent or unreliable partners.
Establishment of facts and circumstances proving disloyal commercial competition, and violation on the subject of intelectual rights and ownership.
• Surveillance and detection of accomplished and anticipated facts, circumstances and acts in regard of infidelity, age crisis, problems with children and family conflicts.
• Due-diligence

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